You know what they say about birds...



I just got rid of the last two asks in my inbox, so if there are any other loose ends that need tying, speak up now or forever hold your peace?

I’ve got school starting tomorrow, and most of my free time going down the drain with it. It’s been a lot of fun roleplaying and meeting all of y’all. ; v ; Really grateful to those that ever bothered to rp or talk to me, and to those that I never did, it’s been fun admiring you from afar. 

But, basically, yeah. This Timmy isn’t coming back. If I ever do come back to rp on tumblr like this, it won’t be as Timmy either.Maybe Teddy. But I need to find a Billy first sigh 

I’d still love to keep in contact with most of you, though, if not just to talk or hit me up to do a private rp.

My personal blog is or poke me on skype supergirl12895

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